Safety Net

Safety Net

Standing on a fine razor edge
Bare foot, wincing as it cuts
The weight of my world
Pressing down upon my shoulders

I look up and see them
Nestled in their niches
Secure, they live their lives
Knowing me, their safety net is below

My back aches, and I grit my teeth
Ignoring their indifference
I watch, when one starts to fall
And just as they sail by
I risk my own precarious place

And catch them, teetering…
…back into place

Lately they grow heavier
And my grip is getting weaker
For once I look below myself
There’s no one waiting..

No one waiting to catch me

In my heart I know my hands will stay
Even if my feet do slip from this tiny little edge
I’ll take the fall, bear the pain, and sigh
And land in loathing of them

As they continue, their life above the net

 – Awkward Babble October 2007


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