The Warrior


Physically and emotionally scarred, he leaned against the old gnarled tree. The salty Mediterranean air stung his wounds as it whipped sharply along the terrain. As his weary eyes wandered sluggishly along the horizon, he sighed and let his blood spattered sword drop to the ground.

What had he accomplished? He wondered. He had fought so stridently, and in the end it left him in a query.

“Have I done the right thing? Will my efforts make a change?”

The warrior would never know. Not but a second after that single thought troubled his mind, the blade of an adversary took his life.

In his last moment, he offered a weak smile; the world’s trouble was no longer his concern.

– Awkward Babble 2013


7 thoughts on “The Warrior

  1. Wow this is exceptionally well-written. I love the use of vocabulary, it’s not overboard, and it really helps to set the scene. I love how you framed that last moment of life and made it so relatable to the reader.

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    1. Thank you so much! Sometimes I worry that I am doing too much, but as someone wanting to paint an image in readers’ minds as they are going through what I have to say – I just feel like plain every day language just doesn’t quite reach my itch to make an image 🙂

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  2. It’s funny that when he stops to honk about what’s “right” it’s too late in more ways than one. Reinforces the point that perhaps as humans we should try thinking before we act rather than enjoying the 20/20 vision of hindsight.

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    1. I love your insight! When I wrote this I was so focused on the ending, where he realizes his death really dwarfs his other worries – that I had not really thought about the implications of his worries right before…. Love the new thought or view of what I wrote – thanks!

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