Stockholm’s Syndrome


A child’s heart in a woman’s body
Small and forgotten in life’s blur
Muted in apprehension’s scream
A bystander of opportunities gone by

Incapable of accepting love’s complexities
Baffled by the intricacies of vulnerability
Extending the olive branch, in hope and yearning
Only to snatch it back, fearful in the final moment

Startled by emotion’s rude intrusion
Running from the pull and release
That comes with the conquest of love
Fearful of the commitment from another

Selfish in its self contained domain
A witting prisoner to loneliness
Slave to the rhythm of silence
Complacent to peer from behind the curtain

Stockholm’s syndrome with solitude


– Awkward Babble 2016


4 thoughts on “Stockholm’s Syndrome

  1. I’ve heard about this syndrome, but I was never fully informed about it. This post made me know more about. It makes me feel lucky of being free of any disease. Thanks for inspiring me today! Keep it up! 🙂

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    1. Stockholm’s Syndrome is in a nutshell, when someone who is being held prisoner against their will, starts sympathizing or even having feelings for their captor. I’m glad you enjoyed this, I’m actually really proud of it myself. It’s the first recent self inspired piece, and I actually like it. Thank you for your support!

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