A frantic chess game
I’m only the pawn

Stuck between the Queen and King
Bishops and Knights across the way

Stuck between the cross-hairs
For four long years

Fight or Flight
Has been my way of life

Flight from my fight
Furtive plans away from truth

Uncomfortable alliance
In dancing with the Devil

Playing a side role
In a high wire show

Flirting with the balance
Of well being’s gravity

Honor, loyalty, and duty
Fading into a need to survive

Uncomfortable trickle down my spine
Apprehension’s sticky sweat

Left, Right, Forward, or Back?
Just trying to cross the board

And make it safely
To the other side
– Awkward Babble 2016

4 thoughts on “Checkmate

    1. More or less, I wouldn’t necessarily call my place of business the Corporate word, just yet – but a lot of office politics and feeling caught in the middle of it all, with some pretty un-true perceptions mixed in just for fun… Oi, lol

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      1. Well office politics is worst in corporate, but point taken. I don’t miss working for someone else at all. I hope can stay out of the office for a while longer.

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      2. Truth be told, I think if I’m honest with myself, I’m just too lazy to be an entrepreneur. I actually really enjoy my job and all the challenges that it presents. The matter is simply that there are a lot of decisions made in this company based on emotion a compared to basic business facts.


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