Uncertainty and me? We don’t get along well.

Uncertainty (back me up on this one, my long haired sisters) is like that strand of hair stuck to the sleeve of your shirt. It keeps tickling your arm and you keep grabbing at it, trying to pull it away. But you can’t seem to get a hold of it to remove…That. Damn. Annoying. Tickle.

Uncertainty, is when you have a smudge on your glasses. You take them off, hold them up to the light, and then get to wiping with the hem of your shirt. You put your glasses back on, and everything’s clear for a minute. And then, before you know it, BAM! You’re smudged again. So, you realize, it must be the moisture on your eyelashes from the humidity outside. And before you know it you’re in this vicious circle of wiping your eye, wiping your glasses, putting your glasses back on again – rinse, repeat, rinse repeat.

This is what uncertainty is like. It’s that tiny little tickle on your leg when you get into bed at night. Hey, you live in the South, bugs abound! So you whip your covers back only to see nothing but skin – no bugs here, no ma’am! So you try to relax again. But no, uncertainty isn’t done with you yet! Tickle, tickle, here we go again. This time you get out of bed, fold all the blankets back and search your bed, just to be sure. Nothing there, nope, it was just in your head. You get back in bed and just hope that the next tickle is just your skin being weird.

You force yourself not to check again, because LOGIC and PROOF tell you that there are no bugs in your bed, but your mind doesn’t listen does it? No it doesn’t. You run a litany of proof and facts you have observed, as to why you should be able to brush uncertainty aside.

But, it just doesn’t listen to you, does it?

Uncertainty and me? We definitely don’t get along.


10 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. I love love love the hair tickling the arm example. I’m constantly trying to make peace with uncertainty which is the ultimate exercise in surrendering… A thing that really sounds appealing to me, but is hard for me to practice .

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    1. Thank you! I know exactly what you mean. One of the hardest things for me is just to accept that some things resolve themselves with time – but I’m horrible at it and often spend time worrying until I finally know what’s what


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