I know nothing at all.

When I think about Learning, the first thing that comes to my mind is that this word is synonymous with life.

Life, in itself, is about learning. Every waking moment of our childhood is spent in learning.

We learn to smile, we learn to laugh, we learn to walk, we learn to talk. As we get older we learn to read, write, add, subtract, and share with others. Older still we learn more complicated book studies and along side this learning we learn to think, judge, worry, plan, compete, and aspire.

Entering into the adult world, our learning varies in structure. Some of us continue our book study, and out of sheer boredom (sarcasm) we throw in the learning of responsibility, independence, and how to pick ourselves up off the ground. Those of us with varying opportunities may not partake in the continued book study, and just make up for it with an added studies in picking ourselves up from the ground.

Ironically, in this phase of life we don’t even realize we are learning these things. At this time in our lives we are at the pinnacle of knowledge. We know how life works, exactly how our life is going to map out, and specifically where we will be in 10 years – yes, even right down to the minute. Why, 10 years ago I knew without a doubt, that on May 24, 2016 at precisely 4:38pm CDT, I’d be writing this blog.

Wait, no, that’s not right. Let me look back at my notes here, give me one second….. Oh…. I see. Mm-hmm, well. It seems I may have been slightly off in my predictions. According to this, I’m currently supposed to be creating a stunning 6 tiered confectionery vision of perfection and scrumptiousness as the cruise liner I’m a head pastry chef on is coming around the southern tip of Barbados.

Well… This is certainly embarrassing, now isn’t it? Sitting here in my office, as the H.R. Manager for my company, one might argue I’m steering a ship of sorts – but this sure as hell isn’t Barbados, sweetheart.

This brings me to the next round of learning. We enter our early to mid 30’s and this time, more than any, we learn that we know nothing at all. The vast majority of us are not where we planned to be in life and  are questioning what it is we even really want. And yet, we’ve earned wisdom enough to realize that we don’t even know what we’re having for dinner tonight, let alone what the rest of life has in store.

This is perhaps, the most important lesson we’ve learned yet. If we’ve truly learned this lesson, it’s humbled us enough to acknowledge that our only recourse is to continue on learning and trying to better ourselves and those around us.

If we do this then maybe, just maybe, we’ll eventually learn as much as we knew when we were young and brilliant geniuses.


6 thoughts on “I know nothing at all.

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