Our Letters Define Us – Handwriting Tag

Did you know that people can tell a lot about you by the way you string your sentences together, or even further – the way you hand write your lettering? I’ve always found these sorts of sociological analyses to be quite interesting. Of course, you do have to have an education in these things to make qualified profiles of a person – but none the less it’s quite fun to read about.

What do you think my handwriting says about me? Thanks to a tag I received from SazzPost , you have a chance to find out!

Here’s the Handwriting Tag!


  1. Write your name
  2. Write your blog’s name
  3. Write your favorite word and its definition
  4. Write something nice
  5. Write the name of your favorite song right now
  6. What are you writing with?
  7. Write a fun fact about yourself
  8. Write a silly message
  9. Tag others


I lied! I’ll go ahead and tag a few people, but by all means if you don’t wish to continue on the tag, that’s perfectly fine!

The Learnify | Aspie Diaries | La vie en rose



11 thoughts on “Our Letters Define Us – Handwriting Tag

  1. I always enjoy looking at handwriting, it’s weird how despite our education and handwriting classes or whatever, none of us actually have the same handwriting… It’s totally unique… You have the handwriting I always find fun, it’s looks funky, quirky, the kind that I usually see accompanying a funny cartoon sketch… Terribly amateurish semi-analysis but hey ho 😁

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  2. Oh great.!! It’s a fun way to share your thoughts. I juts loved this idea. Thank you for nominating me I will surely respond to this awesomeness. “P.S You have beautiful writing just like me :D”

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  3. Ok here goes…busy mind shown in how some of the letters are pushed together, fully closed ‘a’ and ‘o’ confident and decisive, bold upward strokes show you know where you’re going in life..can’t remember any more! A lean one way or the other is supposed to mean something…

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