Awkward Hair: A Picture Story


As I completed one of my weekend rituals, I questioned my sanity. What ritual is this you ask? Why, it’s my weekly hair care routine!

Once a week – on Saturday or Sunday – I spend around 1.5 hours on my hair. I shampoo twice: once with coconut oil infused shampoo, and again with micro-oil shampoo containing Moringa, Macadamia, Coconut, and Almond Oils. This is followed by 2 rounds of conditioning. The first is a 2 minute set with shea oil conditioner, followed by a second 5 minute set of Argan conditioner. Because my hair is long and so thick all of this takes me about 45 minutes: getting the shampoo worked down to my scalp well enough (twice) and then trying to get it all out. Then working the conditioners through every chunk of my hair (twice) and trying (usually in vain) to get it all out.

Once this is accomplished and I’ve depleted all of the hot water available for 6 city blocks, I wring as much water from my hair as I can, and then the treating starts.

At this time I work a sunflower seed leave in conditioner into my hair and wrap it with a towel for 5 minutes. After which I then work an anti frizz serum, curl cream, coconut oil, and argan oils into my hair. The towel then goes back around the head for another 10 minutes. This whole process including the towel setting takes about 30 minutes.

After this is done, we’re on the final leg of the journey! (sort of). After I de-towel my hair it’s then time to shake it out nice and good so that my hair doesn’t have clumps and cause the oil to make my hair greasy in random spots. After which I braid it back in 3 sections from the front of my hair that move into one braid at the back, and then is folded in on itself to somewhat resemble a bun. This is then covered by a bandanna at the top to keep the frizzy fly aways from conquering my head.

After I take all of this care – what do I do with my hair the rest of the week? Why, I tie it up in a bun of course! And thus, this is why I question my sanity.

Now, with the introduction in place, let me show you the multiple personalities of my hair!


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11 thoughts on “Awkward Hair: A Picture Story

  1. Your curls are beautiful… about longer layers or a shorter cut to your chin w/ layers? I have curly hair and recently, it’s begun to fall out due to my body detoxing, I think…my hairdresser cut it w/ shorter layers, so when it dries, it is actually manageable and doesn’t require too much drying/combing…

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    1. I actually do have layers in my hair, you just can’t see them because the short layers are on the underside. If you put any kind of shorter layers on the top side of my hair then my hair gets really big, actually they make me look like an A-Frame house – that’s the best way to describe it lol. The shorter my hair is, the curlier and bigger it is – having it long actually helps weigh it down. Trust me I’ve had all sorts of styles and lengths from Pixie to having it down to the small of my back – my hair is an entity of it’s own.


      1. Yes…I’ve experienced the same styles…I keep my chin length now, and sometimes just to my shoulder to allow me to put it back up, but no longer than that since the longer layers take longer to style, etc. I love your curls!

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  2. This made me laugh out loud! I have very curly hair, so I can very much relate to this! I wear my hair up in a bun almost every day, and on the rare occasions on which I leave it down, I quickly remember why I usually don’t… 😛

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    1. Haha! Same here. Especially now that I live in the south I always regret leaving my hair down. Once it dries I end up.looming like I stepped out of a 80s hair band – at best. At worst I look like an electrocuted poodle 😂

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