We are the problem in society. We as a people are the ones who excuse, condone, enable, and allow anything and everything that happens in our world. This is not to say that we have the ability to stop everything, some peoples’ actions are just out of our control.

With that being said, we have the ability to choose our government, laws, society norms, education, standards, and all other matters that govern this world of ours.

The real tragedy lies in the fact that only a small percentage of us ever try to take action on taking advantage of these choices available to us.

Can you imagine the world we could live in if at least 75% of us got off of our digital soapboxes and put our words into action? Can you imagine the things we could accomplish if we stopped allowing the “powers that be” to be successful in their campaigns to divide and separate?

Come on people! This is the oldest play in the American History playbook. The powers that be have been dividing and separating us since colonization when it was realized that the black slaves and the white indentured servants were banding together and close to overthrowing them.

We have GOT to stop falling for this. Black people come in all shapes and sizes; rich, poor, educated, uneducated, gang affiliated, drug users, drug sellers, activists, religious, non-religious, blue collar, white collar, sports stars, music stars, and so on and so forth.

Guess what? White people are also rich, poor, educated, uneducated, gang affiliated, drug users, drug sellers, activists, religious, non-religious, blue collar, white collar, sports stars, music stars, etc.

The only difference between a white person and black person is the probability of being murdered by police or in other hate crimes and the probability of  getting a better education and job. I’ll leave it to you to decide who gets what end of that stick in our world today.

Why is that?

Because we allow it, as a society.

Trump has made it this far in his campaign for President, and if we allow him to be elected – do you think anything will get any better?

We have a choice. Stop talking about it and be like Nike – just do it.

If we don’t.. Well, watch the movie “Idiocracy”



3 thoughts on “Idiocracy

  1. I love that you made a reference to Idiocracy! I’ve been telling people the same thing for a while now. I agree with everything you said as well. I do believe the media has a lot to do with the race issue we have going on right now. A friend once told me if one person from each race and religion sat down in a room together chances are they would all find that they all just want to be free to express themselves and their belief. They want their basic freedoms and they would want to live in harmony with each other. I agree with that. I think the “higher-ups” are trying to keep us divided because they know we are much stronger as a whole. Great work!

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    1. You know, you saying that reminds me of a video I saw I wish I could remember what it was called so I could link you. It was a parody, can’t remember if it was animated or live action. At any rate, there was a stereotypical ‘Murican uber-Christian kind of american man, and a stereotypical Muslim man. At first they are yelling at each other about how bad each other is and then by the end of the video they come to the realization that they both want the same things and that each other isn’t so bad. I think you’re absolutely right – if people would set aside pride, there would be a lot to be accomplished

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