Through the Lens

Some people, I think
Are meant to walk alone in this world
Traveling the rubble path of life
Viewing what should be vibrant
In a lack luster fade
Through travel dusted, cracked lenses
That were once rose hued
What was once a happy memory
Now disfigured by the water stains
Painted onto their lenses
By the mournful brush
Of tear stained lashes
– Awkward Babble 2016


41 thoughts on “Through the Lens

  1. And in the mirror all cracked and broke,
    We see a familiar face, familiar yet not quite us, not our own.
    Perhaps a friend, a parent, a partner?
    Three in ten know, three in ten don’t,
    Three in ten understand but only one is I.
    Or perhaps you?
    Tattered tainted cracked and painted.
    The finest work of art this world has ever known…. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the read.

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      1. My home will be may under 5000 feet in elevation. My ride home from work will be staring at 7600 feet of pine and red Rock mountain. I can go up to 8000 feet in about 25 miles or down to 2500 feet in same distance. Not many days over 100 or below 20 degrees

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      1. Oh I could, but I wondered how it would look to go in and fix it after the fact of being pointed out to me. Now that Im actually saying that I realize how silly that sounds. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in my head lol


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