What year is this?

Have any of you seen the movie Jumanji? Do you remember at the beginning of the movie when Robin Williams’ character first appears out of the game: “What year is it?”

I’m starting to feel that way, myself, within this stage of my life I find myself in.

I was laid from my job a few weeks ago, on February 3rd. I’d been with the company for 5.5 years, and really it was a position I sort of fell into, didn’t really try for it. Before that I had been with my previous employer for 7 years.

This means that I have not had to seriously look for a job, on which my well being depended on, for nearly 11 years. Yes, I know. 7 + 5.5 = 12.5, but realize that these two jobs overlap, as I initially was part time as a second job with my most recent employer, while I was with the one previous.

Anyway, I digress.

The last time I really had to go out and hunt for a job, in 2006, you did have some element of online job boards and applying online – but there was so much more activity involved. A lot of places, while posting online, still wanted you to come and apply in person. Most places, wanted to you apply by sending your resume and cover letter directly to the hiring manager or HR department’s e-mail. This gave you a pipeline, this gave you a handle to grip. This gave you a point of contact to present yourself to.

I find myself, today, 3 weeks into  the world of the unemployed, and feeling like the job search process is nothing more than me crumpling up my resume, throwing it off my balcony, and hoping that someone picks it up, reads it, and calls me.

I’ve set up my profile and resume on several different job search sites, a few different company internal career pages, and with about 6 different recruiting agencies. The results thus far are 2 meetings with recruiting agencies and otherwise not a peep from any of the positions I’ve applied for.

I’m left in this mode of stasis and with questions. Are my resumes / applications being viewed or considered? Am I doing everything I’m supposed to be doing? Is there anything else I should or can be doing to better my chances? Will I find a job before my severance runs out in a few weeks?

This is overly frustrating, to say the least. With no human bodies to follow up with I feel like I’m just bumbling around in the dark hoping someone will trip over me and think I’m worth talking to.


9 thoughts on “What year is this?

  1. I feel bad clicking “like” given what you are experiencing…please see it as a sign of support at a time when you are feeling rejected, and invisible…something I think we can all relate to. Transitions can be so challenging….especially when the stakes are high (as in, most of us need to work). I hope writing/sharing gives you a bit of relief at a time when you are feeling unsteady….you aren’t alone 🙂

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