The Dance

Autumn’s sorrow falling in the wind. Crimson mourning and golden tears fall Only to be frozen in time Winter pain, a white agony. Blanketing the earth in powder, soft Melt away for green to grow New again, a second chance A new world to smile And remember the dance – Awkward Babble


Blessed like a cherubs kiss she floats on wings. Filament of hopes and dreams woven between. She soars too high with the winds of fate. Feeling the fickle heart of it all soon she topples down. Down into the soul of the world again. The Icarus of love   – Awkward Babble 2011


Dewdrops captured in eyes of coal The gaze of the fallen soul Eternally mournful of mistake They sigh upwards in waxing want Brittle luster of flexing wings Feathers of the damned shuffle Flightless birds walk the land Unable to reach desired height Birds of prey, earthbound In a cage of atmosphere They scavenge for salvation… Continue reading Fallen