My mind, at times, feels like an abyss. A great yawning maw of nothingness. Standing on the precipice I’ll look down searching for an idea, but see only a murkiness that slowly fades down into a dark blank cavern. It’s as if I hope some idea will pop up within the crevasse and slowly float… Continue reading Blank

Awkward Hair: A Picture Story

Introduction As I completed one of my weekend rituals, I questioned my sanity. What ritual is this you ask? Why, it’s my weekly hair care routine! Once a week – on Saturday or Sunday – I spend around 1.5 hours on my hair. I shampoo twice: once with coconut oil infused shampoo, and again with… Continue reading Awkward Hair: A Picture Story

III: 3 Day Quote Challenge

Happy Monday Folks! (Or, as happy as a Monday can be?) Yesterday I didn’t post my day 3 quotes for the challenge I was tagged in, so I’m making up for it today. In the event that you missed the previous 2 posts, I was tagged by the fabulous Coloring Outside the Lines. Please do make… Continue reading III: 3 Day Quote Challenge