Awash with the salty brine From the rip tides within My heart seeks quiet solace Not seeming to be found Weighted down by the bog Trudging through the tangles Each step so dearly earned And never unencumbered Beset by recollections Buzzing like mosquitoes Enticed by the emptiness Left behind in your wake The pinpricks of… Continue reading Mosquito

Iron (wo)Man

I try to forge myself in strength A steel spine carrying life’s heavy load Titanium nerves deflecting life’s sadness A tungsten heart protecting from life’s hurts And an iron will persevering through life’s trials I am tall, I am strong My defenses are impenetrable I forge my way through this life A show of metallurgy… Continue reading Iron (wo)Man


Dewdrops captured in eyes of coal The gaze of the fallen soul Eternally mournful of mistake They sigh upwards in waxing want Brittle luster of flexing wings Feathers of the damned shuffle Flightless birds walk the land Unable to reach desired height Birds of prey, earthbound In a cage of atmosphere They scavenge for salvation… Continue reading Fallen