Check out this great response that Creating K.I.N.G.S wrote in response to my last post “Through the Lens”. It’s fantastic! So humbling to have inspired something in someone else. Please do check out the rest of his blog, he’s always a joy to read.

Cheeseburgers & Pretty Flowers

There’s conflicting beliefs on what makes you the person you are. Some believe that several of our personality traits inherent and we were born with them; while others believe our personality is molded by our upbringing. Personally, I think that people are confusing inherent personality and learned perceptions. Look back on your life and think about… Continue reading Cheeseburgers & Pretty Flowers


My mind, at times, feels like an abyss. A great yawning maw of nothingness. Standing on the precipice I’ll look down searching for an idea, but see only a murkiness that slowly fades down into a dark blank cavern. It’s as if I hope some idea will pop up within the crevasse and slowly float… Continue reading Blank